Primitive Teams Up With Indy In Latest Video

The prolific Primitive team are masters of the collab—with everything from soy sauce to Dragon Ball, Naruto, Demon Slayer, hey… these guys actually do a lot of anime drops—and their latest brainstorming sesh led them to work with OG truck company Independent (you know, Ride the best and fuck the rest?). It turns out that these brands have quite a few riders in common: Tiago Lemos, Brian Peacock, Tre Williams, Charlie Munro, Marina Gabriela, Giovanni Vianna, Spencer Hamilton, and Carlos Ribeiro all get a chance to shine in this edit by Eric Iwakura and Alan Hannon. Watch the video, above, and then shop our selection of Primitive products in The Canteen!

Watch some of our work with Primitive over the years, below:

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