Primitive Gives Miles Silvas 4 Months To Film His ‘Encore’ Part In ‘Behind The Missions’

Primitive released Encore, the brand’s second full-length video, last November and quickly became one of the best videos of the rapidly closing decade. The brand kicked off their ‘Behind The Missions’ series last month dedicated to all the stories and trips that built the epic work, and today the penultimate episode dropped which focuses on Miles Silvas‘s deadline stress. (As you may recall, he left Numbers in 2019 and joined Primitive towards the end of Encore’s filming.) Director Alan Hannon has worked with Silvas for years, long before his PUSH part debuted in 2017, and the dream killed it again. Clutch.

Primitive has one of the most elite teams in history—watch some of their work with us over the past few years, below:

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