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Primitive Skate Shares Dylan Jaeb and Kyonosuke’s Behind The Missions of DEFINE

The incredibly prolific Primitive team released their latest full-length DEFINE back in June of 2022, and—as expected—the team riders had a lot of additional footage in the bank, and we finally get to see some of it. Today, the brand dropped their first episode of their Behind The Missions series for their latest full-length, ‘DEFINE.’ The first episode focuses on the two young AMs brought on to the Primitive Squad last year, Dylan Jaeb and Kyonosuke Yamashita. Here a little bit from P-Rod, Carlos Ribeiro, Miles Silvas,Eric Iwakura and the rest of the Primitive team on filming with Dylan in Portugal for his announcement onto the team, how many flatground tricks Carlos Ribeiro saw him do without falling, and the thought process behind his skateboarding, before leading into Kyonosuke’s introduction to the squad, skating with Kyo, his style and consistency, and how his part for DEFINE came together while filming during COVID.

Watch the first episode of ‘DEFINE: Behind The Missions’  by Alan Hannon—above, and then shop our selection of Primitive products in The Canteen!

Check out some of our work with Dylan Jaeb and Kyonosuke Yamashita and the rest of the Primitive team, below:

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