Pros Lizzie Armanto & Axel Cruysberghs Get Married

Sorry, girls: he’s off the market. Team Finland‘s Lizzie Armanto has revealed that she tied the know with longtime beau Axel Cruysberghs. Apparently the two had been married for ten days before she decided to spill the beans, according to her announcement yesterday:

“We were gonna keep it a secret but thats not as fun. Ten days ago I got married to the sweetest boy I know. This year’s been crazy in all ways but this was the highlight for me. We’re going to have a party for family & friends when the time’s right, so just know well be reaching out.”

Congrats to the happy lovebirds! ‘Til death do you gnar.

Armanto spoke with us at length on the subject of her favorite tunes for an episode of ‘Playlist.’ Check it out below:

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