Public Notice


Board brands are the backbone of skateboarding. The shoes, the wheels, the trucks, the whole entire skate industry depends on the existence of board brands. Without the board, what good’s the rest of it? But running a board brand ain’t easy. And in this economy, keeping one in business is even tougher. Even though everything else in life has more than doubled the past 20 years, the price of skateboards has relatively stayed the same—50 bucks. Do the math: The guys manufacturing and promoting skateboards aren’t exactly cashing million-dollar checks and laughing all the way to the bank. Some of them happen to be run by one dude working out of his garage, barely able to afford electricity. They’re in it for the love of skateboarding, that’s it. 

Which is why for the next month, starting Monday, The Berrics is putting some of the more undercover board brands out there front and center where they belong, presented in their own words and with skate edits they made themselves. Some bigger, some smaller, some that have been around for years, some you’ll be discovering here for the first time… Either way, take note and get acquainted with the heart and soul of skateboarding. This is Public Notice: An Autobiographical Brand Showcase. Stay tuned…

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