PUSH   Push


As skateboarders we are constantly pushing ourselves. At the Berrics we are constantly pushing ourselves to create better and more interesting content for the world to enjoy. This year we created a new documentary series featuring 8 of the most diverse and talented skateboarders the world has to offer as they pursue the holiest of holy grails, their video part. Twice a week, until now, you’ve seen who these skaters are, where they come from and what they go through while filming what many think is the most important and defining aspect of a skateboarders career. Behind every great trick is a great story. With that said, every trick Luan Oliveira does is a great story in itself. But you know his skating isn’t the only story to tell. Watch the best of his past 7 months and realize you’ll be telling his entire story for the rest of your lives. He’s a true gift to skateboarding, and the fact that this part was filmed in less than 7 months is a testament to his incredible ability. Vai Luan!

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