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PUSHedit — Honorable Mentions

We all know the saying, if you’re not first – you’re last, but although the Push Re-Edit Contest has a designated winner, with creative processes there always are submissions deserving to be seen. Our honorable mentions are exactly that, for one reason or another these submissions did not make the cut, but contain those aspects of film making that drive our appreciation for skateboarding. Each one of our honorable mentions will receive exclusive Push sweatshirts. We thoroughly appreciated these honorable mentions, and we know you will too.


Caine Henchmen

We felt compelled to share Caine Henchmen’s Push Re-Edit submission. The edit speaks for itself, as we invite you to join our appreciation, we hope to see more edits from Caine. Congratulations Caine Henchmen, enjoy your exclusive Push sweatshirt!


Dan Bassett

Dan Bassett created a visual edit irresistibly unique. Watch his opening title, featuring an inverted Josh Mathews’ shadow pushing heavily forward. Dan’s submission’s visual pace and tone reminded us of something we would see from SOVRN, aesthetically impactful and visually stimulating.


Kyle Zurjj

Kyle Zurjj accomplished an edit most people can only attempt. Arguably our favorite submission, Kyle’s edit had us reminiscing one of our favorite video games. Revered as the most impressive post production submission, we only wish the edit was longer. Enjoy your exclusive Push sweatshirt Kyle Zurjj, you deserve it!


Pace B

We have seen similar edits attempting to arrange the cacophony of skate sounds into an something recognizable but none with this amount of dedication. The Push Re-Edit content required some serious archiving and audio engineering.


Marc Del Sol

The Berrics Push Re-Edit Contest saw a series of impressive post production edits, however Marc Del Sol situated us in a novel environment in a contest where hundreds of edits seemed to blend together. Marc Del Sol’s innovative concept landed him an exclusive Push sweatshirt, enjoy Marc!

PUSHedit -- Honorable Mentions

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