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The hardest part of filming a video part is battling injuries. It’s finding new spots that aren’t completely blown out. It’s not being able to do a trick when the filmer’s driven all the way out to meet up even though you’ve done the trick a million times and know EXACTLY what you’re doing wrong. It’s living up to high expectations. It’s dealing with asshole security guards. It’s PUSHing yourself to overcome all the obstacles in the way. 

Yup, the hardest part of filming a video part is… filming a video part. Luan, Trevor, Ishod, Cody, Leticia, Josh, Ben, and Jaws know this all too well. And now you’re invited to a very special advanced screening of their triumphs and tribulations. All 8 PUSH video parts will be showing at the Ace Theater in downtown LA for Dew Tour next Friday, August 14th. Tickets are available here.

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