‘Pushing Forward’: Red Bull Highlights Women In Skateboarding

Red Bull continues its stellar “Pushing Forward” series with an episode highlighting some of the figures who are working towards gender equality in skateboarding. Entitled “Skate Like a Girl,” the latest entry focuses on the grassroots organization of the same name which is creating an inclusive community by promoting confidence through skateboarding. It’s through nonprofits like Skate Like a Girl that the real progression takes place: we all have to start somewhere, but it can be pretty hard to get off the ground if you’re feeling too intimidated to even roll around. (Learn more about Skate Like a Girl here.)

This episode of “Pushing Forward” also features one of skateboarding’s most influential pros, Vanessa Torres, who—in addition to introducing the first-ever Women’s Battle At The Berrics—has established a sort of blueprint for the next generation of female skateboarders.

Check out our recent work at Red Bull’s Bowl Rippers in Marseille, France, below:

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