Quartersnacks Deep Dives Trung Nguyen’s Awesome ‘Respectfully’ Darkslide

Quartersnacks continues its super entertaining ‘Deep Dive’ series by interviewing Trung Nguyen, the show-stealing NYC skater featured in Chase Walker’s Respectfully full-length. Mentioned as one of the top parts of the year by quite a few tastemakers, this one is an acquired taste but—if you can look past Nguyen’s penchant for Von Dutch-y fits—it is infinitely rewarding. (We had this bad boy on repeat here at the office when we first heard about it.) And one of the main reasons for the Trung Nguyen fascination is his instant-classic darkslide at the Marcus Garvey C-rail, which was filmed over the course of three sessions. The funny thing about it is: it started as a joke, but things got serious real quick.

We really admire Nguyen’s approach to skating. Yes it should be fun, but you should also keep pushing yourself to progress. This is skateboarding—you’re gonna scratch up your griptape if you wanna darkslide.

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