Quartersnacks Premieres Latest Antonio Durao Part In ‘The Hardbody Video’

Antonio Durao has developed quite a reputation over the years, at least since we released his 2017 ‘Next New Wave’ part (which followed his announcement as a first-string rider for Eric Koston and Guy Mariano’s Numbers team). Any new footage of Durao is gold, and New York-centric blog Quartersnacks hit the motherlode once again last week with its premiere of ‘The Hardbody Video,’ filmed and edited by Emilio Cuilan. Durao’s impossible low-rider squats are in full effect here in his opening part for the video, and he drops quite a few surprises as well. (We think he’s trolling with those casper flips, though.) No one can Du it like Durao—aka The Hard Squatty.

‘The Hardbody Video’ features Durao, Andre Page, Josh Velez, Connor Champion, Kevin Tierney, Ben Blundell, Franco, Genesis Evans, Adam Zhu, Jason Byoun, Josh Wilson, Danny Dipalo, Chachi Maserati, Victor Beltran, Cristian Carabello, Kyota Umeki, Coles Bailey, Yaje Popson, Billy McFeely, Joseph Delgado, and the inimitable Shawn Powers. Watch the full video, above,

We were fortunate enough to work with Durao for a variety of projects over the past four years. Not least of which was his 2016 Battle At The Berrics debut, in our ‘New Blood’ edition, perfectly matched with master improviser Chris “Cookie” Colbourn. In his battle prologue conversation with Koston, Durao says, “I don’t like the pressure of anything that has competing.” After seeing his ‘Lawn Guy Land’ part, we’re confident that he’s reached pretty much pressure-free level in his skating—no comp. Watch that match, along with a handful of Durao’s other Berrics projects, below:

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