Quartersnacks Premieres Pedro Attenborough’s Hélas ‘Fellas’ Part

Hélas released its 2-disc full-length, Fellas, last week and today Quartersnacks premiered Pedro Attenborough‘s part. This video is like the rebirth of technical ledge skating—there have been so many rare tricks in this video, it’s like getting a peek into a whole new genre of skating. The whole thing demands a rewatch, and Attenborough stands out with a crazy mix of lines and bangers, and an ender that pretty much shuts down a very famous hubba spot.

Full-lengths are a rare breed these days, and even rarer are hardcopies of full-lengths. You know what’s rarer still? Double-disc DVD releases of full-lengths. But Hélas drops the rarest of rare on you with a FREE double-DVD full-length: Order anything on the brand’s site and you can get Fellas for free.

Check out some of our classic clips of Hélas founder Lucas Puig, dating back to 2008, below:

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