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Quartersnacks Premieres SID’s Stalin Plaza Edit ‘STA’

Prague’s iconic Stalin Plaza has long been a mecca for skateboarders worldwide. It’s a place where the marriage of marble, granite, and a stunning urban backdrop creates a skateboarder’s paradise that’s hard to rival. And when the SID crew from Prague, Czech Republic, takes on this legendary spot, you know you’re in for something special. Known for their innovative approach to skateboarding, the SID crew explores lesser-seen corners, under-skated routes, and even the concrete border that encases the park itself. Their creative take breathes new life into a spot that’s been the backdrop to countless skate videos over the years. Featuring an impressive lineup of riders, including Stepan Bares, Frantisek Havranek, Adam Löfler, Ryuhei Kitazume, Marek Kocak, Jirka Hronek, Jakub Jiruska, Pepa Tipanic, and Kubo Spal, ‘STA’ offers a fresh perspective on this iconic skate plaza.

Watch SID’s ‘STA’ video from Quartersnacks, above!

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