Quartersnacks Premieres Roman Lisivka’s ‘Métronome Noir’ Part

Roman Lisivka, the Slovakian tech god, is back with a new part on the Quartersnacks site and it’s fast, precise, and stylish. ‘Métronome Noir’ features Lisivka flipping in and out of just about everything—with some huge stair-sets thrown in for good measure—but he’s so quick with it; to the naked eye, it doesn’t even seem like he sets up for these tricks at all. This is a must-watch part, filmed by Henner Figueiredo, with additional filming by Thomas Winkle, and edited by Erik Iwakura—check it out above!

We’ve been lucky enough to film with Lisivka on a couple of occasions, including our Barcelona Week back in 2016. Watch some of these projects, below:

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