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Quartersnacks—skateboarding’s most reliable voice for East Coast news, views, and how-do-you-do?s—bottled the essence of NYC summertime vibes in its latest video. The edit, titled “End Of Summer / Labor Day Weekend 2018,” was shot in June throughout the city (and at that Prague spot), and prominently features Antonio Durao doing his hella fast thing along with many of his friends. 

The NY-focused site, founded by Kosta Satchek, is really an OG in this modern skate media game, and will be celebrating its 13th anniversary in a couple of months. Being one of the first of its kind, we’re glad that Satchek’s site has stuck around. Its spot guide is invaluable for locals and out-of-towners alike; the regular blog posts are well-written and full of helpful links; and the Quartersnacks Top 10 compilations (released every Friday without fail) are comprehensive.

At The Berrics, we’ve made a habit of continually checking Quartersnacks for news—more often than not, Satchek and co. find hidden gems that we miss. Here’s to another 13 years.

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