Real Skateboards Releases New Mason Silva Part

Real Skateboards released a new edit featuring Mason Silva last weekend, and this guy is a footage machine! Somehow, in between all of the other clips he’d filmed for his other sponsors—Mob, HUF, Nike SB—he managed to get a mach speed part together. (His Nike SB masterpiece came out just three months ago, by the way.) Real is calling this a “short” part, but we all know that if Silva skated at the average skater’s speed this edit would be twice as long.

The Manhattan Beach ripper was named The Skateboard Mag’s “Years Best Am in 2015, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with him on lots of projects since 2014’s Element United Nations (well, technically 2011 if you count his homie Louie Lopez’s Recruit). Check out a handful of these videos, including his top-tier battle versus Dashawn Jordan for 2016’s BATB 9, at The Berrics, below:

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