Real’s Tanner Van Vark Checks Out T-Street DIY

REAL Skateboards rider Tanner Van Vark recently traveled to Riverside, California, to skate the superbly laid out T-Street Ditch DIY. (Filmer Tim Fulton tagged along to capture the trip.) After seeing what the local So Cal concrete artisans pulled off here, it’s easy to catch the DIY bug. Do you have some disused space in your town just begging for a little elbow grease? Maybe a super dry ditch? Perhaps you passed a pile of discarded wood on the way to work or school today? Or, if you’re really bougie, someone gave you a Home Depot gift card for your birthday… well, there you go: instant skatepark. Check out the video, edited by Jeremy McNamara, above!

Jim Thiebaud and REAL have been supporting The Berrics since before we even uploaded a single video to the site. Check out a handful of our projects with the brand, and some of Van Vark’s projects with us, below:

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