Red Bull Turned This Vacant Airport Into ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ Level

Last year, Red Bull‘s journey into counterintuitive skatespots was a one-way ticket to stoke. The ‘Red Bull Terminal Takeover’ (see video, above) took advantage of the inactive Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport’s closure by sending five crews on a duty-free adventure to film the best edit at three parks throughout the airport. $5,000 was on the (air)line, earmarked for improvements at their preferred local spot or shop, which would barely cover the fines for skating at any other airport—you could say this contest was a radical departure.

For the second year, Red Bull Terminal Takeover was cleared for takeoff at the vacant Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. From April 14th thru 16th, the term “now boarding” took on a whole new meaning as old concourses—which are closed to the public—once again became a top destination for private skate sessions and a digital video competition. In the latest video of the event, the brand turns a vacant airport into a Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game level in real life. Watch the THPS homage, above!

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We’ve been shootin’ Wooten for a while. Watch a few of his projects with us, below, and our recent exclusive coverage of this year’s Terminal Takeover:

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