Watch Red Bull’s ‘Concrete Dreams’ Featuring Pedro Barros & Murilo Peres

Pedro Barros wishes he were an Oscar Niemeyer winner, and now he is: Red Bull‘s ‘Concrete Dreams’ features the 2015 In Transition champ as he fulfills his lifelong dream to skate the curvy, flowy buildings designed by the famed Brazilian architect.

Niemeyer is famous for creating perfectly transitioned buildings—works of art that are bucket-list skatespots for most South American skaters. Incredibly, Barros and Murilo Peres were actually given permission to skate these towering edifices: the National Congress in Brasília; the Contemporary Art Museum and Popular Theater in Niterói; the Administrative City in Belo Horizonte; and House of the Canoas in Rio de Janeiro. Watch the fifteen-minute video, above.

Check out some of Barros’s work with The Berrics over the years, including his winning 2015 In Transition video, below:

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