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Red Bull Explores the Wildest Rides in Skateboarding

In the latest episode of Red Bull‘s ‘Pushing Forward,’ we take a closer look at the unique rides skateboarders use to get around and explore the world. From Erik Bragg’s rugged 1968 El Camino decked out as a camera car, to Ira Ingram’s custom-fitted cargo vans built by TJ Gaskill, we see the incredible variety of skate transportation and the owners behind them. You’ll witness how skateboarders customize their rides to suit their needs – whether it’s outfitting a van with a couch and a TV for impromptu skate editing with Sheckler, or rocking an e-bike that can easily get you from point A to point B like Sam Navraez. Check out The Wildest Rides in Skateboarding in Red Bull’s ‘Pushing Forward,’ above!

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