In Red Bull‘s latest video, Felipe Gustavo skates every square inch of the Red Bull Arena in New York City. In a way, he’s just returning to his soccer roots (or futbol for all you nitpickers): Growing up as a kid in Brazil, Gustavo dreamed of becoming a famous soccer player like his heroes Pele and Neymar. But once he picked up a skateboard he found his true calling.

Now, living in the United States, Gustavo has not only become one of the top street skaters in the world, but a household name back in his homeland. Kick it with Gustavo and find out out how soccer and skateboarding are linked in Gustavo’s life in this cool little video, “All On Me,” above.

We don’t need to tell you that Gustavo has been a regular featured player at The Berrics for over ten years—he even has his own keys to the park. Between his many Battle At The Berrics matches (beginning with 2011’s BATB 4), his multiple Run & Gun entries (winning the first year, in 2013), and dozens of other projects with us, he’s easily logged thousands of minutes of footage in the past decade. Check out some of his work with us, below:

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