Red Bull’s Joey Brezinski Asks: Is The Berrics Really The Best Skatepark?

Red Bull is hosting our livestream of Women’s Battle At The Berrics tomorrow night, and they enlisted team rider Joey Brezinski to investigate whether our park is really all it’s cracked up to be. Well, we’ve never been so offended. We’ve been in the private, indoor, multimedia phenomenon game for 12 years (officially tomorrow, by the way)—if you don’t know by now, you better ask somebody. “Is The Berrics Really The Best Skatepark?” That’s a rhetorical question, right?

Just kidding… Brezinski and his light-sensitive homie Rip are welcome anytime. Just pardon our dust, ya heard?

Brezinski has been a Berrics regular since waaaaaaay back in the BATB 1 days. He’s experienced every iteration of our BEST SKATEPARK IN THE WORLD, nay UNIVERSE. Check out some of his many projects with us, below:

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