Red Bull’s ‘Pushing Forward’ Investigates Divide Between Streets & Contests

Red Bull‘s latest video, “Pushing Forward,” poses a timely question to three of its top riders: Core or contest? With the Olympics just around the corner, the brand has asked Ryan Decenzo, and Team U.S.A.‘s Jagger Eaton and Samarria Brevard to compare and contrast filming for raw street parts with training for competitions. Their answers represent both sides of the discussion, and they are refreshingly candid about which side of the fence they’re on.

Eaton, in particular, is unabashedly obsessed with improving his performance in events, saying, “I spend every single waking moment thinking about contests.” He routinely puts in six hours per sesh trying to get his tricks “contest ready,” as he says. His goal is to be the best skater in the world… and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we call him “On The Run” Eaton.

Brevard, one of the contestants in our very first Women’s Battle At The Berrics, is candid about her dim view of competitions which is surprising coming from a potential Olympian: “I probably wouldn’t be doing contests if money wasn’t a factor.” But surely she isn’t including WBATB in that statement? Right, Samarria?

“Pushing Forward” also takes you to Street League to see how California Skateparks‘ Joe Ciaglia formulates each picture-perfect street course. Ciaglia acknowledges that the imperfections of the streets—horrible run-ups, cracks where you least expect them, and wayward pedestrians—make for great video parts, but his goal (which he excels at by the way) is to eliminate all those distractions so that the skaters can focus on doing their best. Joe, we salute you!

Check our recent work at Red Bull’s Bowl Rippers in Marseille, France, below:

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