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Red Bull Skate Explores The Question: “Is Skateboarding A Sport?”

Red Bull explores the age old question: “Is Skateboarding a Sport?” in the latest episode of “Pushing Forward.”

With the rise of world renown competitions and skateboarding officially making it’s appearance in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the question is harder to answer than ever… depending on who you ask.

Red Bull sits down with a variety of pro skaters who specialize in contests, the streets, video parts, an Olympic judge, and those who do it strictly for fun, to see their opinions on whether you can “win” at skateboarding, how much contests actually matter, judging skateboarding, and the freedom that skateboarding offers compared to other organized sports.

Watch Garrett Hill, Mike Anderson, Stefan Janoski, Lizzie Armanto, Vincent Alvarez, and Jamie Foy share their viewpoint on the “sport” of skateboarding, above, and check out some of the projects we’ve worked with Red Bull Skateboarding on in the past, below!

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