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Red Bull Skate Shares TJ Rogers ‘Keep Smiling’ Part

Big pants. Bigger smile. In a world where skateboarding heroes come and go, TJ Rogers stands out as a commendable figure, consistently pushing the boundaries and redefining what dedication looks like. Despite life’s challenges and overcoming cancer last year, TJ is undeniably in his prime, relentlessly pursuing a steady stack of street clips and dropping heavy parts on the regular.

His latest part, premiered by Red Bull Skate, titled ‘Keep Smiling,’ is a testament to his unyielding dedication and extraordinary talent that has kept him at the forefront of the skateboarding fanbase. Known for his high-speed hammers, inventive ledge tech, and unparalleled manual mania, Rogers continues to be one of the most productive skateboarders of this generation and ‘Keep Smiling’ is a riveting display of a skater on a mission to have fun in the streets.

Reflective of the advice TJ gave to his younger self that continues to echo in his current performances: “…keep doing your thing, and don’t let anything stop you,”  TJ continues to inspire with his relentless pursuit of skateboarding in it’s truest form, it’s clear that Rogers has no intention of slowing down.

Watch TJ’s “Keep Smiling” part above, and check out some of the projects we’ve filmed with TJ, below!

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