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Red Bull’s ‘Skate Tales’ Season 2 Kicks Off With Fancy Lad

Red Bull‘s ‘Skate Tales’ series is a deep dive into the lesser-known subcultures in skateboarding—groups that just keep doing their own thing, whether we see it or not. The six-part exploration of this underground element, hosted by famous outlier Madars Apse, which takes you from Japan to the Ethiopian skate scene, kicked off today with a deep dive with Fancy Lad.

There was no way that Apse’s global exploration of the skate underground wasn’t going to pitch up with Matt Tomasello and the Fancy Lad brigade sooner or later—they’re like his kindred spirits. These Bostonian renegades are not only re-imagining what skateboarding can be, they are ripping as they do so. As innovative, creative backyard wizards, they have taken the concept of tricks and board assembly into new realms. Their viral videos have racked up millions of views globally as the crew have upended the very concept of skateboarding itself and won themselves fans in every corner of the planet. Using their skatehouse as a kind of insane laboratory, the Fancy Lads have won worldwide acclaim as their creations and reckless charm have seen them showcased in museums and comedy shows alike.

Watch episode 1, above, and binge the rest of ‘Skate Tales’ season 2 at the Red Bull TV site.

Check out some of Apse’s projects with us over the years, and our recent work with Red Bull’s Bowl Rippers in Marseille, France, below:

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