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Red Bull Skateboarding’s VX1000 ‘No Rewind’ Contest

In a nostalgic nod to skateboarding’s golden era, Red Bull is bringing back the iconic VX1000 camera for the inaugural No Rewind video competition. This unique contest features four legendary pro teams—Blind, Santa Cruz, Plan B, and Real Skateboards—each given two weeks to film using a custom VX1000 camera with disabled rewind and tape eject functions.

With time as their greatest enemy, each team had to strategically film clips to make the most of the limited 60 minutes of allotted MiniDV Tape. The goal of capturing enough high-quality footage to create the best skate edit proved to be no easy task. As the deadline approached, the teams submitted their edits, which are now eagerly awaiting playback and evaluation by a panel of esteemed judges. The judging panel includes skateboarding luminaries such as Torey Pudwill, Josh Beagle, and Jaime Owens, who will meticulously analyze each edit based on criteria such as trick selection, edit creativity, spot selection, and camera work, with the winning team selected by the panel of judges set to receive a prize of $15,000.

In addition, skateboarding fans will have the opportunity to vote for the “People’s Choice” award, allowing them to support their favorite team. The voting will be open from June 22nd through July 10th, with both the judge-selected winners and the “People’s Choice” recipient being announced on July 11th.

Watch all 4 entries, above, and make sure you go vote for your favorite edit for the People’s Choice award, HERE.

Check out some of our work with Red Bull, below!

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