Red Bull Skates Paraguay In ‘Heartbeats To Heaven’ Tour Video

Red Bull‘s latest video lands Angelo Caro, Maxim Habanec, Tyler Surrey, and Giovanni Vianna (who recently had an introduction part in Primitive’s Encore), smack-dab in the middle of South America. Paraguay, to be exact, which is to the left of Brazil—or to the right, depending on which way you’re facing. In other words, the “heart” of the continent…

This two-week Red Bull tour is called “Heartbeats To Heaven,” and part one is a sweaty adventure full of welcoming vibes and kids playing in the streets. Just imagine: A few years from now, those same kids will remember this tour and start skating, too. Maybe they’ll go on a tour when they grow up—maybe to Uruguay.

Check out our recent work at Red Bull’s Bowl Rippers in Marseille, France, below:

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