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Red Bull’s ‘Solus’ Contest Returns For Season Two

Red Bull‘s Ryan Sheckler has welcomed thirteen skateboarders to his own personal skatepark—thirteen stir-crazy, contest-ready, itchy trigger-finger skaters—for a new contest, ‘Sōlus.’ This digital skate competition concept gives each entrant one hour to shoot their best 45 second run; runs will debut today. (Visit the Red Bull site to see the videos.) Participating skaters include Felipe Gustavo, Alexis Sablone, Candy Jacobs, Jamie Foy, Nora Vasconcellos, Lucas Rabelo, Leandre Sanders, CJ Collins. Sheckler shared his thoughts about this second edition of the solo contest, below:

“Red Bull Solus is one of the most mentally and physically challenging contests in skateboarding. Last year, everyone was put to the test and had to conquer the unknown of skating alone and against themselves. This year, we expanded the lineup and invited more of the top skaters.”

Interestingly enough, The Berrics created a similar contest series which ran from 2013 through 2016. our Run & Gun contest gave each skater 24 hours to film their best one-minute runs. The innovative competition really pushed every skater to dig deep and strategize how they wanted to schedule their filming sessions (Chase Gabor and all of the additional filmers were real troupers!) over the 24 hours. Watch some of our greatest moments from Run & Gun over its four-year run, below:

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