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The New Deal, one of the most progressive and influential skate companies ever, is coming back for a 30th anniversary victory lap. A couple of days ago, launched along with an Instagram account sporting a 9-block grid of Andy Howell‘s classic artwork for the brand. To top it all off, The New Deal has recovered all of the original master tapes from the brand’s innovative introduction, “New Deal Promo,” and its first 2 full-lengths: the enduringly titled Useless Wooden Toys and the cryptically titled 1281.

It’s hard to believe that it was all the way back in 1990 when the “New Deal Promo” tape was circulating to all the skate shops, teasing something extraordinary with a catchy soundtrack by The Odd Numbers. When Howell’s Vaughn Bode-inspired art hit the shelves it was a complete paradigm shift. Credit where credit is due: Today’s graphics owe an enormous debt to the artist.

Before you take a warm nostalgia bath and watch all these crispy quality The New Deal uploads, head to and join the email list for updates on the brand’s launch date. Da Deal is dead—long live Da Deal.

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