Watch Rhythm Skateshop’s “Millenia” Video Now

Film maker Jorge Santacruz has finished his first full length skate video, entitled “Millenia” for Rhythm Skateshop.

“Millenia” marks the second full length video for the brand, named as a joke – when asked “when do you think the video will be ready??..”, Santacruz replied “Next Millenia!” He proclaims to have found inspiration in the work of Jason Hernandez for this movie, and is made up of a large number of Rhythm Skateshop’s team. The brand has supplied a cast list for “Millenia:”

Gauge Doisher
Alex Simeone
Zack Pinkerton
Yulian Roa
Josh Herrera
Deon Harris
Ke’Chaud Johnson
Dakota Camp

Watch the full length video above.

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