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Richie Banks: Las Vegas’s DIY Renegade

In the Las Vegas area, Richie Banks is the undisputed king of pop-up DIY creations. We followed him through his process of funding, designing, and ultimately skating his latest build—The Great American Dirt Farm—and there’s really no reason why you couldn’t follow in his dusty footsteps yourself. Watch the video, above, and then go get your hands dirty. Featuring Banks, Chris Dunne, Devin Ballard, Lalo Trejo, Big E, Jeff Ramos, Joey Esteban, Matt Zicopula, Houston Reynosa, Dave Deluna, Kemper Mix, Kyle McCurdy, Justin Bishop, Dougska, Aaron Dietrich, Pjaay Dellatan, Josh Wheat, Ricardo Daniels, and Travis Prange.

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