Richie Jackson Is Rich With Stories In ‘The G-Files’

There have been very few skaters to emerge in the past decade with a persona as strong as Richie Jackson‘s—he’s like a puzzle that’s begging to be solved. But the contradiction about Jackson is that he’s an open book… maybe it’s a time-juggling choose-your-own-adventure book or a lusciously illustrated fairy tale. Either way, there’s a story to tell. For their latest ‘G-Files,’ Titus Skates recently sat down with this mustachioed genius to get the inside scoop on his history of vert skating and even some of his lesser-known work at Hollywood High. Watch Jackson’s interview, above.

Jackson has filmed many projects with The Berrics over the year, including a Battle Commander in 2012 and a head-scratching 2Up entry in 2015, among many, many others. Watch a handful of these videos, below:

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