RICK MCCRANK — Krooked Guest Pro

Rick McCrank has been busy. Aside from skating and working on Abandoned for Viceland, Rick is Krooked’s latest Guest Pro. In honor of the occasion, he took a trip up to San Francisco and filmed a commercial and did an insightful interview with Mike Anderson in which he breaks down exactly why he’s vegetarian.

“Why? Well I was 18 when I became a vegetarian. My girlfriend at the time was a vegetarian so that’s how we were eating. And then I got like a rash of food poisoning from bad meat and I just kind of went towards vegetarian eating, it just felt right. No political reasons, I’m sure there’s going to be studies about it being a really good environmental thing to do, because of the impact of livestock on the climate. But no, I just feel comfortable being a vegetarian. It’s kind of like just feels normal. I was considering eating meat recently though just because I thought my health needed it. But I got all kinds of tests and everything was normal in a good place so I was like cool, I don’t gotta eat no flesh.”

McCrank’s Guest Model is available as a part of Drop 2 from Krooked’s Spring 2017 catalog.

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