RICK MCCRANK — Route One Interview

In 2016, Rick McCrank starred in Abandoned on Viceland, which focussed on forgotten spaces around the world. While the show was somewhat skate-related, it was definitely more about the societal implications that these neglected locations have than if they contain a sweet ledge or set of stairs to skate. 

Abandoned was popular, and got renewed for a second season. But Rick and his production crew decided to switch things up and go in a different direction. McCrank talks about this new project—which he describes as a more lighthearted skate show—at the 1:27 mark of Part 1 of his new interview with Route One.

We did one season of Abandoned, and by the end of it we felt like we’d nailed it. We were happy with what we did. We wanted to try something different. So this year, we’ve shot a whole other show—different show, different premise. I can’t say much about it. But I can say that it’s more of a skate show. And it’s maybe a little bit more lighthearted. We wanted to bring a little bit of light to the world next time.

Watch the entire interview above.

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