Ricky Oyola’s Traffic Releases New Full-Length

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Traffic Skateboards have a reputation for bringing you the rawest street clips, with the good, bad, and ugly of city missions on full display (see Kevin Coakley’s Look Left part… whoa). Being that the company was founded by No. 1 East Coast badass Ricky Oyola—he who could part rush hour traffic like the Red Sea every time he stepped on his board—this is only to be expected.

The illy Philly funkstas are back with their next full-length video, Third Shift, and the teaser is pretty much perfect. Check it out—featuring Coakley, Hiroki Muraoka, Luke Malaney, James Sayres, George Hanushak, Chris Teta, Josh Feist, Pat Stiener, Ian McGraw, Mark Wetzel, Rich Adler, and Oyola—above. Traffic’s Third Shift DVD is available now at Theories Of Atlantis.

Check out some of our classic work in Philadelphia, with Ishod Wair and Kerry Getz, below:

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