General Ops


I try not to get involved with the commercial world for two reasons: 1) I did some commercials back when I was younger, Nintendo, Sunny Delight, Miller Beer etc, and although they paid well, they ultimately turned out to be super embarrassing and never, ever, ever any fun. 2) The people doing the commercial (director, producer, everyone etc.) never, ever, ever listen. They have a fixed idea of what skateboarding is and they are going to make sure that idea is conveyed to the masses via their commercial for their shitty product no matter how loud this little pissy skater (me) screams and yells, “this isn’t how it would be!” So with that said… remember when I went to Mexico? Remember my blog? Remember this edit with my friends Distreeto? The reason I was down there, and also brought Luis Tolentino with me, is because I was helping with something that turned out to be more than a commercial, something that came out, because of my good friend Garth Davis (the director) and his brilliant team, pretty damn cool. Something the skateboarding world doesn’t have to be embarrassed about. Enjoy. — sb