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Rodney Mullen not only laid the groundwork for modern street skating (they call him The Godfather), he’s also largely responsible for skateboarding becoming a widely used analogy for persistence in the face of failure. His blockbuster TED Talks captivated the world, and he opened a window into a sort of learning process that skaters know all too well: fall, get up, learn. This vicious cycle continues for all of us everyday as we try to get a trick dialed.

If Mullen’s presentation is suggesting that learning a trick builds character, then he must be the motherfuckin’ Yoda of this shit. His long list of innovations have had an immeasurable impact; it’s frightening to think of what skating would be right now without him. The best we can do is offer some of his work for you to watch, and get him to sign a few decks (available in The Canteen at 5pm PST). Rodney Mullen, we salute you.

Unreleased footage shot by Socrates Leal:

Be sure to hit The Canteen at 5pm PST for the limited quantity Almost decks, signed by Rodney Mullen!


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