Rodney Mullen — Happy 50th Birthday

In celebration of Rodney Mullen turning 50-years young today, we invite you to take a look back at his A Beautiful Mind interview. Nowhere can you find a more thoughtful, reflective and sincere expression of skateboarding’s powerful impact. Happy 50th Birthday Rodney, thank you for sharing your passion for skateboarding with the world.

“I wish skaters would become scientists because then we would have more great scientists.”

“I can’t do what they do and they just come up to me and say thank you? I’m like, thank you for taking what I did and doing what I could never imagine.”

“Skateboarding changes you in ways you could never essentially go try or learn in a few sessions. It comes from years and years of getting back up. It changes you from inside.”

“You know a skater; you didn’t have to say much. It’s not just what you wear, there’s just something to them and you know… That’s what we have and share.” 

“Skating has been an internal thing for me and that’s a joy. The older I get it’s like a meditation.”

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