‘Rolling Stone’ Interviews Team U.S.A.’s Zion Wright About His 2021 Outlook

Zion Wright followed up the surprise announcement of his departure from Nike SB last week by hopping on a Zoom call with… Rolling Stone?! We thought 2020 was going to be Wright’s year but with all of his recent footage he’s proving that, even though the pandemic threatened to suck the air out of the Olympics buzz, he’s getting better every day and will be killing it on the world’s stage. Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Ihaza touches on the ripple effect that the coronavirus has created in skateboarding and how Wright approached its unique challenges in the above interview (among other timely topics). Wright’s take on the lockdown is the perfect demonstration of his drive and determination:

“It’s actually been a very good opportunity for me to sit back and take my time… let’s put in this work and let’s get it!”

Wright is at the top of his game (even Ellen Degeneres has to give him props), and you know that he’ll be ready when the world opens up again. He has worked with The Berrics on numerous projects over the years, including his introductory Next New Wave part, a very gnarly Battle Scars (ouch), and an outstanding Recruit. Watch a handful of these videos below:

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