Watch Ronnie Creager’s All-Curb Part In ‘The Video’

Ronnie Creager, one of the world’s most influential skaters, has a highly-anticipated Round 1 battle with Ishod Wair coming up in BATB 12. As preparation for that match, he seems to have been training on… curbs? In Tim Olson‘s latest video, the aptly titled ‘((The Video))’, the Creagmeister steps up his slappy repertoire with some incredible flip-in-flip-out magic. The whole video is a journey into low-profile wonderland of LA curbs (and we mean “low”: you get a bearing’s-eye view of every trick… you can practically reach out and touch the wax!). This is a must-watch for the weekend—nice work, Tim!

If you’ve followed The Berrics for, basically, ANY amount of time you’d know how hard we back Creager. We’re suckers for his all-around positive vibes—check out some of our extensive work with him, below:

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