Did You Know That Ronnie Creager Created a Skate Quiz App?

Ronnie Creager, one of the world’s most influential skaters, recently added some curb clips to his YouTube channel and jokingly mentioned that he only did it so that YT wouldn’t shut down his channel (due to inactivity, haha). But, it looks like this is only first upload in a series of videos for his revived channel: “I’m getting ready to post more stuff here on Youtube that revolves around my passion for skateboarding… I’ll be doing some trick tips to help others as well.” A trick tip from Ronnie Creager? That’s guaranteed success right there.

Sure, Creager is known for his flawless tech, but did you know that he’s the brains behind some ACTUAL tech, too? He has created an app called Qwizpop that is basically skate trivia with a pot of gold at the end of every right answer—this is reliable fun for every skate nerd. Download Qwizpop here.

If you’ve followed The Berrics for, basically, ANY amount of time you’d know how hard we back Creager. We’re suckers for his all-around positive vibes—check out some of our extensive work with him, below:

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