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Ronnie Creager Visits The Nine Club

Ronnie Creager, one of the world’s most influential skaters, was recently confirmed for the upcoming Battle At The Berrics 12: Community series (check out the official bracket video here), but that ain’t all—he’s also the creator of the skate quiz ‘QwizPop’. He checked in with The Nine Club to give the crew an update about all of his projects and give a little background on his incredible history, which includes getting shop sponsored by Hot Skates; Powell-Peralta sending him boards through the shop; turning pro for Foundation; getting kicked off Foundation, and then getting on Blind; filming for World Industries’ Trilogy and some Blind videos; being a part of the first eS Footwear dream team; designing his first shoe; leaving Blind after 2o years; Nadia Footwear, and why it went out of business; and a bunch of other stuff. At over two hours, this interview is a great introduction to the, essentially, universally respected Creager.

If you’ve followed The Berrics for, basically, ANY amount of time you’d know how hard we back Creager. We’re suckers for his all-around positive vibes—check out some of our extensive work with him, below:

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