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Ronnie Sandoval Interviewed On The Nine Club

On the latest episode of The Nine Club, Chris Roberts and co. cover all the bases with Ronnie Sandoval. They talk about trying to learn inverts; his first sponsor,  Transitions Skateshop; Daewon Song flowing hims Almost decks back in the day; getting on Krooked; when his beloved Channel Street will re-open; getting on Dickies; filming for the Vans video ‘Take It Back’; that time he broke his kneecap in two, and how he took care of his body to heal; getting a session with Antihero antihoncho Julien Stranger; and turning pro for Krooked. (This episode is three hours and three minutes long.)

Sandoval has worked with The Berrics on quite a few projects over the years. Check out a handful of these videos, including his 2014 In Transition part and his Bangins, below:

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