‘Route One’ Interviews Dennis Busenitz

During the pandemic, Dennis Busenitz was forced to slow down like everyone else—which was obviously NOT in his nature. Route One got a chance to chat with him about how he’s adapted during COVID, and to get his thoughts on 15 wonderful years with Adidas Skateboarding. (“Time flies… when you have a shoe,” he says.)

Not only has The Quick One been riding for his shoe sponsor for a decade and a half, but he also recently passed the 20-year milestone with his board sponsor, Real. After 20 years in the limelight, which has produced dozens of interviews with magazines (some long gone), we tend to forget about another one of Busenitz’s trademarks which seems to run counter with his need for speed—thoughtful, blunt, analytical answers. Mind you, none of Route One‘s questions are throwaways; Busenitz just follows the logical train of thought to give you straight talk, instead of the standard “It was sick!” brand of banter.

Interestingly, we learn in this interview that he recreated a trippy MC Escher-esque impossible ledge during the lockdown (as seen in Mark Suciu’s ‘Verso’ part) for his backyard park… Busenitz couldn’t slow down if he wanted to. Watch his Route One interview, above.

Dennis Busenitz has perspired a minimum of 300 sweaty gallons at every iteration of The Berrics since 2007. His trademark is extremely fast, ridiculously powerful, and wonderfully spontaneous skating. Peep a few of his projects we’ve worked on with him, below, and CONGRATS ON 15 YEARS with Adidas!!!

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