RŌZU — adidas Skateboarding in Japan

Skateboarders are inherently nomadic. Whether it’s an unexplored neighborhood in our hometown, or traveling to a different place, we are constantly on the move while looking for new terrain to explore. adidas has fully incorporated this into its skate program. The company is constantly sending its team on trips around the globe to feed the need for new and different spots. The result is a catalog of tour videos, released consistently, that highlight some of the best cities in the world for skateboarding.

The latest is titled “RŌZU.” It’s a ten-minute glimpse into what went down on adidas’ recent mission to Japan. Click play above to see Alec Majerus, Dennis Busenitz, Diego Najera, Jack Fardell, Lucas Puig, Magnus Bordewick, Mark Suciu, Miles Silvas, Nestor Judkins, Nora Vasconcellos, Rodrigo TX, Silas Baxter-Neal, Blondey McCoy, Chewy Cannon, Dennis Durrant, Gustav Tonnesen, Daewon Song, Klaus Bohms, Pete Eldridge, Tom Snape, Hiroki Muraoka, Brandon Nguyen, and Shin Sanbongi in action.

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