Rubens Dos Santos Ruiz’s ‘Dirdam’ Video Has Spain In The Membrane

Straight outta Madrid, Spain, comes Rubens Dos Santos Ruiz‘s ‘Dirdam’ (that’s “Madrid” backwards… we think), a good ol’ fashioned homie video. Filmed in Madrid, Valencia, Berlin, and London (among other places), the video features Jordan Sharkey, Tabo Löchelt, Javi Fioretto, Josh Chávez, and more of Ruiz’s friends getting into all sorts of mischief—and ruffling some feathers along the way. (At one point, you can see Löchelt getting strangled by a rando on the street.) ‘Dirdam’ is chaotic and fun, and probably just what you need to watch before the weekend. Check it out, above!
Speaking of Madrid (that’s ‘Dirdam’ backwards): We shot Leo Romero’s 2017 Push episodes partially in the Spanish city. Watch those videos, and a Jordan Sharkey project we premiered on the site in 2016, below.

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