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Ryan Sheckler Returns to The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Ryan Sheckler returns to The Nine Club today in what comes as a perfect follow up to last weeks interview with Ira Ingram, who has filmed with Sheckler for years, including his upcoming video part ‘Lifer.’ Sheckler spits some stories from filming his latest part, the physical and mental battle he went through to get his ender, his healthy lifestyle changes, sponsoring 8 year old Wyatt Hammond and the next generation of skaters, what it was like for him growing up in the limelight, how many deals he actually turned down, being back in SLS, working with Woodward Skate Camp, being a father and how that affects his skating, his new documentary “rolling away”, his opinion on the Olympics, and much more!

Watch Ryan’s interview on The Nine Club, above, and check out some of our videos with Sheckler, below:

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