Ryan Sheckler To Design Woodward’s 2021 Skate Program

Ryan Sheckler grew up before our eyes in the MTV reality show Life Of Ryan as a teenager, and today the 30-year-old is one of the most accomplished and respected skaters in the world with a charity that literally helps change people’s lives (with The Sheckler Foundation). One of his latest projects is design Woodward Skate Camp’s 2021 skate program, and the partnership will focus on highlighting that fun summertime skate camp magic that Sheckler knows so well (the 31-year-old has been a “camper” for 24 years). Woodward’s world-famous facility offers everything that a skater needs to progress, and with Sheckler’s all-star guidance it could be life-changing: “I want to be of service as a skateboarder, and there’s no better place for me to do that than Woodward.” You’re never too old to feel like a kid again.

Sheckler has worked with The Berrics on numerous videos throughout his career—watch a handful below:

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