Saint Petersburg’s Zhizn Crew Remind You That ‘Life Is Short’

Europe’s Free magazine premiered a new posse cut from Saint Petersburg, Russia’s Zhizn (“life”) crew this morning, and the title says it all: ‘Life Is Short.’ Well, “Life Is Short” is short and sweet. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes with dozens upon dozens of fast-paced clips, the video starts off quick and doesn’t slow down for even a second until the last dog is let loose. Filmed and edited by Vova Pavlov, “Life Is Short” is just what you need to watch before your energetic Thursday sesh.

“Life Is Short” features Dilip Kharel, Philipp Kharel, Amir Yusupov, Vova Pavlov, Slava Pavlov, Robert Khazeev, Dima Rodionov, Alexey Meleshko, Max Kushevski, Sergey Goncharik, Nikita Kozhemyakin, Vitaly Alexandrov, Artyom Gorbachev, Kseniya Scheglova, Denis Yuzefovich, Victor Salapov, and Ilya Kelarev.

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